The United Kingdom votes to secede from the European Union


In the early morning of the 24th of June in the year of 2016, the world was shocked by the massive news coming out of the United Kingdom, and its official result of a statewide referendum deciding to secede from the European Union. The Pound Sterling has already dropped in value to a 31-year low and the global economy took a hit. But is it really that bad?

On one hand, definitely. The UK challenged the EU’s power and may even now create a wave of secession movements throughout Europe. The short and medium term effects are bound to heavily impact the global economy in a negative manner. This all may seem at first sight like the beginning of the demise of both the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe, with movements in Scotland to secede from the UK to be in the EU, and the EU losing one of its biggest economies.

Nonetheless, the long term effects are largely a mystery, and there could be indeed justification for the decision made in Brexit. It’s a wave of revolution, people want something new, and The Crown is always successful in the end. The secession will probably officially occur in 2018, and political and economic reform is bound to occur in the years following that event. However, in due time, the British and world economies could be flourishing more than ever, with a more united Europe and a stronger independent Britain.

In truth, what just happened was a gigantic event that shook the stability of the most powerful economic and political union in the world. Although there is a lot of anti-Brexit fearmongering that is largely uncalled for, separating the world power that is the UK from the European Union causes it to do without several trade regulations. Those regulations impede certain markets from existing inside the United Kingdom. That considered, if all is dealt with correctly and in a concise manner, the UK could be headed towards its golden age, free to trade without regulation worldwide, and with a boost in its own economy caused by its own citizens.

In conclusion, EU member states could take this as an opportunity to create an ever closer EU that will mutually benefit from a fair trade deal with the UK, and grow its own single market. On another hand, member states could follow suit in the decision of the UK and more secession movements may arise. If that is the case, the EU will be left in ruins, and the global economy will never truly recover. No matter what happens, this is a pivotal moment in 21st century history. What happens now? Only time will tell.

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